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Bioflux Wallpapers

Today's fresh design inspiration comes from Arrecife, Spain based art director and illustrator Jerico Santander. Color, balance and large doses of surrealism are the fundamentals that infuse Jerico’s compositions. Below you will find his showcase of 3D imaging and photo illustrations. Enjoy!



Mush 1

Mush 2

Mush 3



Cooler 1

Cooler 2

Cooler 3

Cooler 4


The Swoosh Drone

The Swoosh Drone 1

The Swoosh Drone 2


The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons



Atutiplen 1

Atutiplen 2

Atutiplen 3

Atutiplen 4


The Music Nature

The Music Nature


Own World

Own World